Meet Ariel

Ariel is an emerging artist located in Jacksonville, Florida. Art has been Ariel’s lifelong passion, but it wasn’t until 2020 that she took her passion and turned it into a business. She partnered with Stellers Gallery in Jacksonville, then the following year partnered with Missy Riley Art & Pieces. In 2024, she is becoming a member of an online Artist & Designer collective, Well + Wonder.

Ariel is a seasoned military spouse originally from the state of Washington. Ariel’s days are spent happily married to her high school sweetheart, and busily caring for her 4 children, as well as, volunteering her time, and painting.

In the fall of 2023, she adopted her foster son after he was in care for 511 days. She is a passionate advocate for foster children and foster parents. Her life is full and happy. She desires to be a light to her home and community, creating peaceful, yet imaginative artwork.

About the Art

Ariel’s oil paintings are, at their foundation, completely hand crafted. The majority of Ariel’s paintings are oil on archival-sealed hardboard paneling her husband crafts.

Her husband also creates solid wood frames, and hand stretched gallery style canvas.

Ariel thrives to be in accordance with today’s best materials & techniques to create quality works that should last the test of time.

Ariel wants her collectors to be informed in their purchase and the pieces to have heirloom quality.

Artist Statement

Ariel’s current focus has been on abstracted landscapes, and oyster paintings. These subjects seem to flow effortlessly for her.

The dichotomy of natural elements and unnatural saturation of color & texture adds a level of play that catches the imagination. Ariel sees natural beauty as “The Truth” the human condition strives to find.

She strives to have the grounding in truth represented in her artwork even if abstraction is the subject. A way she accomplishes this is through expressive brush strokes to her landscapes, where the viewer’s eye can bounce around to color and still stay grounded to reality by distinguishing sky from ground.

The Studio

Ariel’s husband freshly renovated their 1940s dingy, detached garage into the perfect studio space to fit the needs of a busy mom. Its joyous bright yellow French doors flood the space with light, allowing her sight of inspirational, century old oak trees, and make it easy to keep watch on her children as they play outside.

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