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Sizing + Investment

Final pricing will vary depending on complexity and framing choices. Prices listed below are a general starting point:

60” x 72” $6000
48” x 60” $4200
48” x 48” $3500
36” x 48” $3000
24” x 36” $1500
24” x 30” $1200
24”x 24” $1100
16” x 20” $750
10”x10” $325
8” x 10” $275
5” x 7” $150
5” x 5” $125

Custom sizing is also available.

Lead Time

The timeline for completion of works varies greatly depending on subject matter, size and how many pieces are ahead of you in the queue.

However, generally, small sizes can be completed in one day and large paintings can take up to two weeks of work time.

After completion, each piece takes about one week to fully dry.

Shipping Estimates

Shipping is dependent on sizing, generally you will be paying $10-$300. Once you fill
out the inquiry from Ariel will give you your shipping estimate.

Once shipped or picked up, there will be no refunds unless there is proof of damage to
the shipped painting/packaging.

Next Steps

Ariel loves to closely work with my clients and have them instruct me exactly what is important to them. To start please fill out the inquire form below. Ariel will respond with a

50% nonrefundable deposit is due when those are approved and then your commission is added the queue.

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